Words, Prunes and Savings

There have been a few things that deserve mention on the blog in the past week. Friday morning was a very special time. I was in bed feeding Eva before I had to get ready for work and Eddie was just laying there with u
s. He leaned over to say hi and was looking at our beautiful gift from God. All of a sudden, Eva stopped eating to look at her Daddy, reached out and put her hand on his and very softly said, 'Da Da'. It was one of the sweetest moments we've experienced as parents. She then turned her head away from us both and softly, almost inaudibly, said to herself, 'da da da' as if to make sure she had gotten it right. She then resumed her gaze at her Daddy and touched his face and again said, 'Da Da,' but more confidently and louder this time. Needless to say Eddie's eyes were not dry.

This past weekend Mom and Dad LaBombard were in town for a visit. We had a nice time relaxing together and the guys got a couple projects done. Our car now has new headlights that will hopefully pass inspection and help to get our car registered so my poor husband can stop being pulled over by the cops. They also wired up our living room so that our surround sound works. I was very impressed with how smoothly these projects were completed and happy that they didn't result in frustration for all parties involved. Mom L. and I headed to Bloom on Saturday to take advantage of triple coupon days while the guys spent time together and Eva napped. I had yet another successful coupon-using experience minus a few issues. I also took a second trip on Sunday afternoon to use up the remainder of the coupons I'd neglected to bring with me on Saturday. This time my trips yielded the purchase of about $115 of goods for....$10. Unfortunately I could have saved more but due to poor planning on my part I missed out. I'm not too upset since I still made out like a bandit. I'm really happy also because I didn't compromise by purchasing products that didn't live up to our standards just because it was a 'good deal'. I always struggle with that aspect of bargain shopping.

This morning I decided to try and feed Eva some
of the very cheap prunes I got over the weekend and you can see how much she loved them from the picture below.

Eddie and I actually tricked her into eating some more so we could snap this picture. Then we proceeded to laugh at her while she recovered from the horrifying prune experience. (I know, we're terrible parents) Needless to say I had to mix up some peas and cereal for her so that she actually ate something for breakfast. At first she cringed with the expectation of the prune taste but then proceeded to say 'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM' as she ate each bite of peas. At least she likes her veggies!!


  1. She is just georgeous! I really love the preppy outfit! Glad to hear she is doing well! Congrats on her first word, isn't that amazing?! ahhh so this is love! :)