Beautiful Day

Well Sunday was the big Care Group apple picking event. Unfortunately not everyone could make it but I think those of us that were there had a good time. It was an absolutely beautiful day; bright and sunny with a nice fall breeze. Believe it or not, short sleeves were spotted and those wearing them were comfortable! We couldn't have asked for better weather.

Eva got her first taste of apple picking and Eddie even helped her find an apple just her size!Eva apparently thought that everyone looked like an apple that should be tasted. Here she is trying to eat me, Eddie and Uncle Dave.

So far there has not been any baking, maybe tomorrow.

I'm a winner!

Today I feel like a real winner. I'm not even being sarcastic! Let me splain. Yesterday evening I was feeding Evangeline and checking the blogs I follow on my Ipod. I clicked on the newest Eco Child's Play post and was puzzled to see my name on their blog. I thought, 'oh this must be one of those emails that inserts your name automatically' and then I realized it wasn't an email, it was a blog. I continued reading and was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd won the drawing for a Medela nursing camisole! Yippee!!

I feel like I never win anything. Of course that may be because I don't really enter all that many contests and drawings. Generally I feel like they will just waste my time and yield nothing in return but I'm certainly glad that I took the time to enter this one! Perhaps this will even change my perspective on entering contests. You can't win if you don't play, right?

Anyway, I'd like to thank Eco Child's Play and Medela for my lovely new prize. My husband and daughter also thank you for relieving their eyes. I'm sure they are glad that they won't have to view my current (dingy) cami as often now.


Fall has finally arrived! Or is it winter? I only work two days a week at the US Patent Office and I've been thoroughly enjoying the part time schedule. Monday was a work day. As I prepared for the day I opened the door to bring Eva's things to the car and lo and behold there was frost covering my vehicle! I knew it was going to be cold outside because Sunday night was fah-ree-zing and we had to turn our heat on for the first time this season. I guess we're skipping a portion of the nice crisp fall weather that I so looked forward to all year. That's how northern Virginia operates; summer to fake fall to winter back to summer again (there is no spring). The days seem to be fairly mild thanks to Mr. Sun but the wind chill brings it back down to brrrrrrrrrr degrees. I am openly admitting to those residing north of Virginia that I have become a bit of a wimp. I no longer consider a day in the 50s to be 'nice'. Give me a sunny day in the upper 60s or 70s without too much humidity. Granted, I still love a good crisp day but it would seem that my definition of crisp has changed.

We'll be heading out to go apple picking after church on Sunday. One of Eddie and my favorite fall activities. Last year they ran out of cider donuts before we got to the orchard and I'm hoping, for Eddie's sake of course, that we are able to secure a couple (dozen) before they run out this year. Who runs out of cider donuts...honestly. I'm looking forward to getting out to enjoy some colorful leaves, friendship and the beauty of nature that God has so graciously provided us. I've already started dreaming up all the possibilities that a large bag of apples holds. Of course all these ideas are based on the availability of unlimited time. Sadly I anticipate that these dreams of steamy baked goods and lovely flavors will melt into apples cut up with peanut butter or even just eaten whole. Maybe if we're lucky I'll make a pie. If we do manage to be creative with our fruit I will let you know. In the mean time, enjoy your fall!

Eco Child's Play

Eddie (I know a lot of you know him by 'Ed' but I just feel weird calling my hubby that) turned me on to this blog a while back called Eco Child's Play. It's about green parenting and non-toxic living. I've been keeping up with it thanks to my new Ipod Touch (thanks babe!!) and I've got to say they talk about some good stuff. I like how they have different authors and their focus is not always about the same topics over and over. There have been posts about everything from the environment to new products to food to breastfeeding and many more. This blog has proven to be a good method for drawing my attention to things I wouldn't have necessarily thought of on my own. While we're not the 'greenest' family around, I like being challenged to try and do better and many of the topics on this blog do that for me.

So, if you get a chance and want to see what it's all about check it out!

Oh and I forgot to mention, they're running a contest right now to win a free nursing tank from Medela!!

6 Months Old!

Eva had her 6 month check up yesterday. Everything is well. She is growing and developing right on schedule. She now weighs 15 lbs 6.6 oz and is 27 inches tall. That keeps her at 90% for height and just over 25% for weight. We are so blessed to have a happy, healthy little girl.

Overall the visit went well and this particular doctor didn't pester me about vaccinations so that was a huge plus. Previously the doctor we'd seen kind of badgered me about not vaccinating or waiting to do so. Yesterday the doctor we saw was very civil and merely explained what the vaccinations were for that Eva would have given. A good visit I think. We barely even had to wait to be seen so

Why blog?

I've been putting off starting a blog for a while now. Will I be able to keep up with it? Will it be a success? Will family and friends find it to be a useful place for staying up to date with the LaBombard family? All questions that have crossed my mind while determining whether to do this or not. Only time will tell what the answer to these questions will be but I'm hoping the answer is yes! I think a blog is a great way of keeping people up to date with life and thoughts in general. This is going to be a good exercise in self editing and not writing down every random thought and lame joke that comes to mind...or at least that's the idea. I'll be sharing about our day to day life, Evangeline's development and any other topics that seem worth sharing. Ed may also compose some posts so we'll try to keep you informed about who writes what. Thanks for taking the time to check us out. Enjoy!

How the LaBombard family began

Ed and I (Ruth) met in college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the virtual tundra that is Troy, NY. We were married in August of 2005 and over the past three years God has extended immeasurable grace to us. In my personal opinion 2008 has been the best year yet! On February 29 God saw fit to bless us with the gift of owning our own home. While modest in size and appearance it is a place that feels like and is in fact home. We are so happy to now have the means to open our home to others and to use it for God's glory. On April 11 we welcomed Evangeline Adler LaBombard into our family. Home ownership is pretty exciting but, let me tell you, that was an even better day. For now we are a family of three. Hopefully, in the future, God will see fit to further bless us with additional children. In the mean time we are thoroughly enjoying Eva and her fascination with the world around her.