Baked Apple Goods

Well I finally got around to baking some yummy apple treats! I decided that I was tired of making the same old apple or banana bread so I flipped through the index of my cookbook on Wednesday to see what kind of apple-y goodness I could concoct. A Carmel Apple Cake caught my eye. I didn't have the caramel ice cream topping it called for so I made my own variation of a caramel sauce and it worked just fine. The cake was delightfully moist with a nice tang of Granny Smith apples to contrast the would-be overpowering sweetness of the caramel. It seemed to be more of a cobbler or crisp, minus the oats, rather than a cake but it was still very yummy. No complaints here. Eddie actually decided it is going to be his new birthday cake.

Wednesday evening I was excited to show Eddie this new treat that I had made when he arrived home from work. He said it smelled and looked great but he was hoping for some apple bread... Soooooo, Thursday I made apple bread. It was delicious and moist with the subtle flavor and crunch of pecans.

We picked up a gallon of cider while we were at the orchard so I decided it would be a neat idea to try to make some apple cider pancakes. The flavor was good but the texture was kind of weird. When I tried to flip a pancake the side scrunched in on itself. Aside from being mildly deformed they came out good. I caramelized some apples to go on top and I think we both enjoyed those the most. Next time I will just make regular pancakes and put caramelized apples over the top.

We still have plenty of apples for some more cooking adventures. Who knows what yummy things await!