When life gives you coupons, buy lemonade!!

It's required a good deal of restraint on my part not to write a post immediately when I got home today. I wanted to make sure to share an awesome deal with you that you could also take advantage of. The best part is that there's no foreseeable end to this deal.

So, a couple days ago Crystal over at Money Saving Mom wrote about a coupon good for .75 off of any Santa Cruz product. There are a couple great things about this coupon. First, it doesn't expire until December and second, it's a pdf which means you can print as many as you want!!! I happened to be in Whole Foods last week after reading about the coupon and saw that they have Organic Santa Cruz Lemonade on sale for (drum roll please) .99 per 1 quart bottle. WOW!! So I mulled it over for a while and decided that my life would be incomplete without obtaining mass quantities of lemonade for very little money. Today I high tailed it over to Whole Foods with 36 of those babies in hand and grabbed three cases of lemonade.

I had to do three separate transactions because Whole Foods puts a limit of 12 of the same coupon per transaction but it was worth it. The lemonade doesn't expire until 2011 so I'm planning on making a few more trips to stock up on enough lemonade to last us for two years. If you have a Whole Foods near you and like lemonade GO! I asked the Customer Service guy who checked me out when the sale on the lemonade was going to end and he said it should be around that price all summer. Oooooooooo baby.

Busy Busy

Well it certainly has been a busy couple months! Between getting sick, a trip up north to visit family, working, taking care of our house and family and getting a shower in here and there ;-) I haven't really had a chance to write. I continue to learn and grow with each passing day. God is kind to sustain me by his grace.

So let's see, like I said, I was sick for about a week after Mother's day with a head cold and then, sadly, Eddie caught my cold. It's no fun for anyone but Eddie's sinuses just don't handle colds well so he's still battling off the remnants of the cold. We were planning on traveling up north to visit family on the 20th and we did leave, we only made it to Baltimore though. Eddie just wasn't feeling well enough to take the 8 hour trip and he didn't want to share his cold with anyone. There was a lot of wisdom and guts involved in turning his family around. I admit, I did not even come close to handling the decision well. My reaction pretty much equated to a toddler having a temper tantrum and stamping their feet. I have since asked for forgiveness for my selfish attitude and I'm continuing to learn to try to be more laid back when it comes to our schedule.

One week later. Wednesday the 27th we departed for our families...again. :-) This time we arrived, and in record time!! Eva did really well with the trip even though she only slept about an hour during the whole trip. She's generally such an easy going, happy kiddo. Blessed we are. Our families were thrilled to see Eva (and Eddie and I too I guess). Our parents were gracious enough to host some extended family for a meal so that we could see them. We had a great time and a good trip back home as well. I'm glad that we took advantage of our currently flexible schedule.

Eddie is still battling the economy and looking for a job. He accepted an offer a while back but he's waiting on a security clearance which could take months. So, in the mean time he's still looking. He's had a couple of interviews but no other prospects so far. God is meeting our needs as always and I am so happy that Eddie has this time to spend with Eva.

Eva is growing like a beautiful flower, and fast! She's popped another tooth and it looks like her top two front teeth will be in any day now. She's handling it like a champ and aside from some minor crabbiness she's as happy as ever. She's a voracious reader and is currently happy to hear mother goose rhymes over and over (and over and over...). If anyone wants to hear a rhyme you can just ask Eddie or I and we'd be pleased to enlighten you about pussy cat Mole or Jack Sprat. We could also present you with a recitation of Dr. Seuss's 'ABCs an Amazing Alphabet Book' if you would prefer that. She's beginning to enjoy showing us where her tummy, eyes, ears and nose are. She's also taking a liking to animal sounds. When she sees a dog or bird she makes a noise but her favorite right now is a cow 'MMMMmmmmmmaaaah.' Today she started trying a bee noise too. It's really entertaining. We're having so much fun with her each day. Viewing the world through the eyes of a child is awe inspiring.

If the summer holds half of the things that we have scheduled it's going to be a busy one. Weddings, graduations and lots and lots of babies. It seems we have an extraordinary amount of friends due in July. How fun. I guess we missed the band wagon again but I'm not rushing things. As much as I would love another baby I'm still working on getting a handle of where we're at right now. I'm excited for what the summer holds and what new things God will teach me and my family. I'll try to keep you up to speed.