Snow and Sounds

Well, yesterday it snowed for the first time! I wish we got more of it in the DC metro area but I'm sure others around here don't agree. This is a place where a couple inches of snow closes schools for two days. Whatever! I like my snow. Sadly there was not any accumulation yesterday; it was very brief and light. No matter the size, it still got me excited for this winter and made me think there was hope of getting more than the standard couple of inches. I think this area is due for some heavy snowfall...bring it on. Hopefully we'll get a chance to use our new fire place!

Lately it seems that Eva has been developing at a rapid pace. She's been breaking out all kinds of single consonant sounds, your standard 'ma', 'ba', 'pa', etc. In addition she's started to experiment with consonant combination and it's got me excited. I am expecting to hear what resembles a word any day now. So the verbalization seems to be right on track and crawling is coming along too. Eddie and I made the mistake of leaving her somewhat unattended on the floor for a few minutes...when we checked up on her she was in the middle of the living room reaching to try and grab a paper off the coffee table. She's quite skillful in the art of rolling (that's how she got to the table) and is pushing up more and more onto her hands and knees. I read the other day that some babies don't crawl but roll or scooch then just walk. Hmmm, don't think I'm ready for that. Teeth are still a mystery. In the mean time I'm enjoying lots of gummy kisses which she seems to want to give out without restraint. Fine by me, it makes me feel so loved. If you see me and I have particulate matter or a crusty patch on my cheek you can just assume it's courtesy of Eva.

Next week, as we all know, is Thanksgiving! YAY! Fall and the holiday season is by far the best time of year. Sweaters and snow, turkey and family, Jesus' birthday...hellooooooo, great season. Anyway, we'll be traveling to see family next week and I'm not looking forward to it one bit (the traveling, not the family). Car trips aren't so bad it's just the traffic that gets me down. I'm praying that God blesses us with a smooth, fast and uneventful trip. We're leaving Tuesday mid-day to head up to MA and my family. We'll spend Thanksgiving day there and then head over to NY to spend a few days with Eddie's family and go home from there. I've been compiling a mental list of all the things we'll need to bring. This is our first Thanksgiving with Eva and the list has probably tripled since last year. Along with our basic clothing we now need to anticipate everything that Eva will be needing. Food, clothing, toys, bibs, burp cloths, seating, blankets, pacifiers, teethers, and so on. This is one of those times I wish we had a wagon or a van. Regardless, I'm happy that we will get a chance to see family and spend a little time catching up.


  1. Every picture is more beautiful than the last! Can't wait to see you all! I will pray it is not a stressful trip and you don't forget anything! If you do, call me, chances are I've got it! :) xo