End of February?

Is it really almost the end of February?? Sigh, wow.
Today is my brother JD's birthday, Happy Birthday J!! I can hardly believe he's 21 already. That, along with the fact that lately everyone else seems to be younger than me, is making me feel oooold. And yes, that's right, I officially (temporarily) forgot how old I was last night when someone asked. Oh life.

Let's see what I can share that's happened in the last month. Hmmm. Well. I've gotten over my cold and it was thankfully mostly gone by the time my parents arrived for their visit. We had a great time just hanging out. Dad was Mr. Fix-it and helped us to get the fan/light up in the living room. It looks great and we were so grateful to have him in town. He also looked into some wiring issues in our 25ish year old home. Mom was a dish wiz and kept our sink pretty much empty the whole time she was here. She did some cooking too which was a nice break for me. Eva loved spending time with her Grandparents. I was bad about taking pictures (as I usually am) so I'm bummed about that but otherwise I'm really happy with how everything went.

The week after my parents left I started training to work from home. As I mentioned previously, it was six days of full time training. In my opinion, it could have been cut down to half, if not less, that amount of time. I guess they have to accomodate for people who are not super familiar with computers and programs we've been using for a couple years. WHAT!? I'm not being sarcastic...ok yes I am. My and Krista's goal for the training was to try and learn what we could and have a good attitude. I can't say that I succeeded but at least I tried. My training ended last week and this is officially my first week of working from home. It has been great so far and I hope it stays this way. God is so kind to present me with this opportunity.

In a funny and yet somehow unfunny way childcare worked itself all out for those six days. I had probably 2/3 of the days covered through different friends but as it turned out, we didn't wind up needing them after all. The Monday before I was supposed to start training Eddie arrived home early unexpectedly and informed me that his company had some layoffs. Ouch. Well, I can hardly say we've never been in this situation before. We moved down here for my job right after we got married in 2005. Eddie and I agreed that this is where God seemed to be leading us in our newly married life. For a time Eddie worked at a temporary job at a driving range but it didn't really allow him much time to focus on looking for a 'real' job. So, he stopped working there and for the following year, give or take, he tried to find this so-called 'real' job. He had a temp job which gave him a little experience to put on his resume and then finally the poor guy caught a break. He worked for a little over a year and then lost his job. God graciously provided him with a job only a little over a month after he lost it though and during that time encouraged us and grew our faith. Well now we're back in the same boat and I can honestly say that I feel really peaceful about it all. I know there are not that many jobs out there but I also know and have experienced God's grace, faithfulness and kindness first hand, multiple times. I am proud of my husband and the way he cares for our family. He is super smart and his next employer is a very lucky one.

Eva is just a ball of energy. She's been cruising all over everything that's low enough for her to hang onto. We have yet to install gates, much to many peoples' chargrin, because we are notoriously bad procrastinators. I think it's essential though and must happen soon. I promise we will have at least ordered gates by the end of next week. I am so blessed that she is still a really happy little girl. Granted, she's been having some grumpy times lately (mainly in the midnight hours) due to her nonexistent teeth. Yes, that's right, the girl still has no teeth. Other than that, she's a joy. I've been trying to keep her menu varied and throw new stuff into the mix but as of late she's mainly been interested in bread. She really is a girl.

We have lots of visits planned for the coming months. I need to contact a few people to make arrangements for some and others we have the priviledge of hosting. I'm starting to get excited about Eva's upcoming first birthday!! (It's April 11 Dad) :oP I also feel a little sad that the time is already going by so quickly. My goal is to stay focused on the present and not try to rush her through any stages or wish they were over.