What a Monkey!

Last Friday I went into work for my mandatory hour per week. While I was gone Eva apparently decided to begin monkey crawling. It is SO cute!! She starts out crawling on her hands and knees then gets her feet under her and continues along that way. Her little butt sticks in the air too. Let me tell you, she is fast using that technique!!

Saturday I had the opportunity to go into DC to Eastern Market with a couple ladies from church. We had a great time and, despite the wind, it was a beautiful day. It was so nice to have some time just to hang out and relax with some other adults.

Saturday afternoon Eddie and I tried to milk Eva's developing balance skills. We arranged ourselves a few feet apart from each other and got Eva to go back and forth between us. She started out using our hands for the whole way but by the end she was taking a couple steps before falling into our arms. She's not walking but she is so close. We also so a new aspect to her personality. She was determined to get it right and didn't want to stop. After several passes back and forth Eddie and I tried to stop so she could take a break but she wanted none of that. I guess she is just like her mom and dad; having lots of determination and wanting to perfect her skills.

There are a few new pictures from March posted on our Picasa album. Check them out! Believe it or not, the pictures of Eva in the snow were a Monday and the pictures of her and Eddie outside with her in shorts was the Friday of the SAME week. Virginia has some wacky weather!


  1. Cute, Cute, Cute.

    We have about 115MB of photos from the birthday party. Do you want us to mail a disk or shall we post them somewhere.

    Uncle Paul