From baby to little girl

Last weekend was Evangeline's first birthday. I can hardly believe she is one. She's so beautiful and happy, I am so very blessed. Unfortunately the 11th was a really dreary, rainy day so we weren't able to do much. We did give her a 'cupcake' and I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Sunday was Easter and she got to go to the ones class for the first time. I don't think she even noticed we were gone once we left her. When we went to pick her up she was in the same spot playing with toys but she was missing one shoe. She looked pretty in a dress that Grandma and Grandpa L gave her for her birthday. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a bow to stay in her hair. Oh well. We had a little egg hunt for her in the living room. She was very excited to have Daddy help her find the eggs and open them to reveal some tasty puffs inside!! She was super cute loading them into her little Easter purse.

This past weekend we had her birthday party. We were so happy to have 6 house guests for the weekend. All of our parents were here along with my brother JD and his girlfriend Amanda. It meant so much to us to have our family with us for Eva's first birthday party...thanks guys. It was a low key affair with people eating and chatting. Eddie made a great slide show of pictures from Eva's first year of life. Eva got to show off her strong one year old muscles when she pushed Harry, who is nearly 2, in a wagon. It was cute. Thanks to everyone who came. I'll share some pictures from the party once I get them onto the computer.