Almost one and other ramblings

The time is almost here for my sweet little baby girl to turn one. I love her more today than I ever have and I'm so incredibly thankful that God saw fit to bless Eddie and I with such a gift. More and more of her personality is beginning to show each day. She loves making people smile and laugh. Kisses are freely distributed to almost everyone (she doesn't care much for a stubbly cheek). I never realized that the feeling of a soft baby draped on my shoulder would bring so much joy and warmth to my heart. Each day I am reminded anew what a blessing Eva is. I pray that as time whizzes by I will be able to cling to each passing moment and cherish them with all my heart.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. On with the stats. Eva started clapping her hands the day after I last posted, February 21st I guess. Any time she does something that she knows we approve of, such as putting food in her mouth and not on the floor, she breaks into a huge smile an claps her hands. Around that time she also started to imitate our laughter. If Eddie and I are having a conversation and one of us laughs she breaks into a really fake but incredibly adorable "AH-ha-ha-ha-ha." Of course that just makes us laugh more and the cycle of laughter continues. I love that we are a lighthearted family (for the most part) that loves to laugh and smile. Some have observed that Eva has also developed a snort. I guess there's no denying that she's my daughter now! Just this week she started climbing stairs and has become quite proficient at it. When she goes up for naps or bedtime we let her climb up herself. I trying to decide whether to get a gate for upstairs or not.

For those of you who were concerned about us having a gate for the stairs going to the basement I would like to report that we actually purchased one within the time I committed to. Unfortunately, there's not one installed right now. Hmmm, are you confused? Well we went to the sweltering BabiesRUs store and got a gate in record time. It was nice! Extra tall for our string bean girl, three panels to use for wider spaces if need be, single hand opening mechanism, it seemed good. We got it home and managed to hold off installing it for a couple days; there's that procrastination again. After we had drilled holes in our railing and mounted everything except the catch to secure the gate we realized that the hand rail going into the basement was going to interfere with mounting the catch. We are fairly intelligent people and tried to come up with some kind of solution that would not involve us taking the whole gate down and returning it to the store. We could not do that. Sooooooo we took the gate down and Eddie braved the tropical weather at the store to return it. Geepers. Back to square one. My guess is that we won't ever successfully get a gate and have it installed. Hopefully my prediction is incorrect. Only time will tell.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for Eddie's job situation. Things are still pretty slow but according to Eddie there have been some good jobs available lately. This coming Monday he has an interview and there's the promise of another one that was supposed to be scheduled for the end of this week (obviously not) or the beginning of next week. We're still optimistic and are confident that the Lord will provide. In the mean time I've been working and trying to figure out how to balance this working from home thing and everything else. Balance has been a struggle for me but I know that God will help me to work things out. I just need to rely on Him and not my own strength which for me seems so much easier said than done.


  1. Ain't nothin' wrong with a stubbly-cheeked full-on fur-face hug. An embrace punctuated by generous bristle not only communicates, it exfoliates! Maybe not so important to Eva now, but wait until she has to pay for a loofah. She should appreciate what she has (babies are soooo short-sighted).
    When mine were young (and I was still able to keep them from wriggling away), I would grab their smooth forearms and drag them against the grain of my five O'clock face. If I did that now I'd be brought up on charges, but at the time it was one of our favorite games (ok, one of MY favorite games). What memories they have to tell their therapist!
    Give me a call if you need help putting up the baby gate.