Teeth are mysterious

Teeth are very mysterious things. I could have sworn to you almost 8 months ago that Eva was getting teeth. Nope. Then several months after that...surely! Wrong again. There have been several times when this has happened and the past couple months have been no different. Last month she had a day where there was a 'present' in every diaper, I kid you not. As a result she got the worst diaper rash ever and the poor girl was in quite a bit of pain. As tortured as the girl was I secretly thought 'this is it!' Of course the agony of my babe didn't result in a pearly reward. Now, yet again, Eva had some terrible diaper rash and a day of 'presents'. We'll see what happens but I'm starting to be more and more convinced that this little girl will usher in her first birthday with a toothless smile.

Mom and Dad L. came for a visit a few weekends ago. Thinking the timing would be great for a reprieve from the cold NY weather they headed down here. There was promise of a gorgeous weekend complete with sunshine and some father/son golfing. Wouldn't you know it that the weekend they were here we had a dip in our temps and upstate NY was unusually warm? Nonetheless we had a great time visiting and spending time together. We got to go to Chipotle (YUM!). Mom L's tongue was singed by the super spicy chicken but she was a trooper. Eva loved spending time with her grandparents and is looking forward to seeing them again for her birthday.

OH! Drum roll please.... We successfully purchased AND installed a baby gate. Hurray! It was a team effort. I went and bought the gate and Eddie installed it in record time. So far so good. It is fully functional and there is no railing interference. Sweeeeeet. Eva likes to stand at it and look down the stairs. Thanks for the offer to help
Uncle Paul! We are so blessed to have family in the area to care for us.

Just wanted to share a picture of my shopping trainee. Yes, she's checking the price!! YAY, bargain shopper in the making.