Ah Sweet Mobility

It's official, Evangeline has graduated from her funky style crawling to full blown hands and knees speediness. Apparently it was her Christmas gift to us because it was late afternoon on Christmas day when she made her move. With Grandma and Grandpa L. sitting near by and Eddie and I playing with her on the floor she started to figure it all out. You could see the little wheels turning in her head and slowly she began to coordinate her baby limbs. My first thought was 'how exciting' and my second thought was 'shoot! We need to get baby proofing!' No longer can I set Eva down and expect her to stay in close proximity. Oh sigh. My little girl is growing too fast. It was just a week ago that she began crawling and already she has pretty much mastered pulling herself up on any edge within two feet of the ground. I foresee many knocks on the noggin until she finds her equilibrium.

We had a wonderful Christmas staying home. Mom and Dad L. were here and we pretty much just spent time relaxing together. The guys got a couple of projects around the house done and we were treated to a new kitchen faucet. I'd say this is as close to enjoying dish washing that I've come. The faucet has a wonderful high arched neck which makes my relatively shallow builder grade sink feel ten times more spacious. The pools of water normally surrounding the sink have been greatly diminished. To put it seasonally... Joy to the world, the counter's dry!

While we had a great time with Mom and Dad L. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss having my parents with us. We're all hoping that Dad A. can get some time off at the end of the month so we can do Christmas part II. I'm sure we'll sneak in some time somewhere for a visit.

Today we explored many different stroller options at BabiesRUs, the hottest store known to man. It never fails that it's about 90 degrees in that place. We're looking for something that's light, maneuverable, has a Mommy cup holder, a front tray for baby and is easy to collapse with one hand. A friend suggested the Contours lite by Kolcraft but I can't find it in a store so I can take a test drive. We tried out one by Combi and one by Graco in the store. Both seemed pretty comparable and had a lot of nice features. I keep going back to the Kolcraft in my mind though for a couple reasons. First, the friend who suggested it also suggested our first stroller which we were happy with, and second, it's about $100 cheaper than the other options we looked at. In my mind, why would you pay $160 for a stroller when you can get a comparable one for $60. Anyone have any stroller suggestions or features you did or didn't like about ones you've tried?


  1. Try Sears. They carry the Kolcraft stroller in most of their stores. =)