Fall has finally arrived! Or is it winter? I only work two days a week at the US Patent Office and I've been thoroughly enjoying the part time schedule. Monday was a work day. As I prepared for the day I opened the door to bring Eva's things to the car and lo and behold there was frost covering my vehicle! I knew it was going to be cold outside because Sunday night was fah-ree-zing and we had to turn our heat on for the first time this season. I guess we're skipping a portion of the nice crisp fall weather that I so looked forward to all year. That's how northern Virginia operates; summer to fake fall to winter back to summer again (there is no spring). The days seem to be fairly mild thanks to Mr. Sun but the wind chill brings it back down to brrrrrrrrrr degrees. I am openly admitting to those residing north of Virginia that I have become a bit of a wimp. I no longer consider a day in the 50s to be 'nice'. Give me a sunny day in the upper 60s or 70s without too much humidity. Granted, I still love a good crisp day but it would seem that my definition of crisp has changed.

We'll be heading out to go apple picking after church on Sunday. One of Eddie and my favorite fall activities. Last year they ran out of cider donuts before we got to the orchard and I'm hoping, for Eddie's sake of course, that we are able to secure a couple (dozen) before they run out this year. Who runs out of cider donuts...honestly. I'm looking forward to getting out to enjoy some colorful leaves, friendship and the beauty of nature that God has so graciously provided us. I've already started dreaming up all the possibilities that a large bag of apples holds. Of course all these ideas are based on the availability of unlimited time. Sadly I anticipate that these dreams of steamy baked goods and lovely flavors will melt into apples cut up with peanut butter or even just eaten whole. Maybe if we're lucky I'll make a pie. If we do manage to be creative with our fruit I will let you know. In the mean time, enjoy your fall!


  1. What orchard still has apples around here?

    I've never had cider doughnuts. Hmmm. Sounds interesting.