Eco Child's Play

Eddie (I know a lot of you know him by 'Ed' but I just feel weird calling my hubby that) turned me on to this blog a while back called Eco Child's Play. It's about green parenting and non-toxic living. I've been keeping up with it thanks to my new Ipod Touch (thanks babe!!) and I've got to say they talk about some good stuff. I like how they have different authors and their focus is not always about the same topics over and over. There have been posts about everything from the environment to new products to food to breastfeeding and many more. This blog has proven to be a good method for drawing my attention to things I wouldn't have necessarily thought of on my own. While we're not the 'greenest' family around, I like being challenged to try and do better and many of the topics on this blog do that for me.

So, if you get a chance and want to see what it's all about check it out!

Oh and I forgot to mention, they're running a contest right now to win a free nursing tank from Medela!!


  1. Awwwwwww, She's such a cutie. Wonder who she looks like?