When life gives you coupons, buy lemonade!!

It's required a good deal of restraint on my part not to write a post immediately when I got home today. I wanted to make sure to share an awesome deal with you that you could also take advantage of. The best part is that there's no foreseeable end to this deal.

So, a couple days ago Crystal over at Money Saving Mom wrote about a coupon good for .75 off of any Santa Cruz product. There are a couple great things about this coupon. First, it doesn't expire until December and second, it's a pdf which means you can print as many as you want!!! I happened to be in Whole Foods last week after reading about the coupon and saw that they have Organic Santa Cruz Lemonade on sale for (drum roll please) .99 per 1 quart bottle. WOW!! So I mulled it over for a while and decided that my life would be incomplete without obtaining mass quantities of lemonade for very little money. Today I high tailed it over to Whole Foods with 36 of those babies in hand and grabbed three cases of lemonade.

I had to do three separate transactions because Whole Foods puts a limit of 12 of the same coupon per transaction but it was worth it. The lemonade doesn't expire until 2011 so I'm planning on making a few more trips to stock up on enough lemonade to last us for two years. If you have a Whole Foods near you and like lemonade GO! I asked the Customer Service guy who checked me out when the sale on the lemonade was going to end and he said it should be around that price all summer. Oooooooooo baby.